India Tennis League Rankings


Girls Under 12 (UPDATED)

Girls Under 14 (UPDATED)

Road to ITF – GIRLS


Boys Under 12 (UPDATED)

Boys Under 14 (UPDATED)


How are points calculated?

ITL determines a players ranking based on the accumulated points of their games, matches and the amount of tournaments played. All points are updated weekly with new rankings coming out generally every Monday, as and when tournaments occur.

If a tournament does not finish on Sunday, and carries over till Monday, then the points will updated the following week.

Do ITL points get calculated towards UTR points?

The tournaments that are ‘UTR Enabled‘ will have their points calculated towards a players UTR score. The points from these tournaments will also get tabulated with ITL points and enable players to collect their year end awards, should they be eligible for it due to their year end rank.

To know which tournaments are ‘UTR Enabled‘ please check our tournament calendar. UTR has its own ranking system, further information can be found on their website at

What is the eligibility for the year end awards?

A player must have played at least 5 tournaments with ITL, while being registered. If a player does not have at least 5 played tournaments in the year they are not qualified to be awarded.