Player Development Program

Welcome to the Player Development Program, let us help you unlock your potential.

Learning. Sharing. Achieving.

This structured program has been put together to help players realize their full potential. Based on international levels of training and combining tennis + fitness to be ready for the power game of today.

Our concepts are tried and tested, some of our achievements are:

Tennis and fitness training to compete at a high level in the Junior ITF Circuit

Helping a player increase their National Ranking by over 200 spots (including a first National level title), all within a total of 35 hours of fitness and tennis aptitude training*

Implementing tailor made training regimens for players of all age groups

Partnering with European coaches to provide international perspective

Fitness program tuned to each players specific strength, or weakness

Managing a tournament calendar for optimal player performance

Video analysis and feedback

Diet and Nutrition advice also available

*individual results may differ

Tennis Aptitude

Outstanding aptitude can also be defined as ‘talent’. Such aptitude is locked up in every person.

Enabling a player to realize their self worth is the biggest coaching drill one can do. Over the years ITL has observed and analyzed hundreds of games, matches and tournaments. The turning point of each player can be easily pinned to a particular point, game, set or match. No matter if it is a win or a loss.

Through our program we will help unlock your child’s Tennis Aptitude and their talent!


1 – ITF level training program* (12+, with focus on Singles and Doubles)

2 – National ranking program* (9+, with focus on Singles and Doubles)

3 – Fitness (10+)

4 – Advanced Fitness (12+)

5 – Weekend Programs (all age groups)

For more information, or any questions, please contact us.

*includes on court conditioning


The program, tennis + fitness, is being conducted in collaboration with a varied coaching staff, on the premises of Vision Tennis Academy, Hyderabad.

For more information, and to enroll please call the below number, or send an email:



For India Tennis League,

Hyder J.
(Head of Player Development)