ITF Junior Wildcard Recommendation

ITL has been building a system where its members, and participants, can submit their interest of playing an ITF tournament from our list below. We then work with the tournament directors, who are a part of our network, to provide the interested players Wildcards for Qualifying or Main Draw in Singles and/or Doubles.

The form below has the current list of tournaments in which it may be possible to receive a Wildcard to play.

Wildcard List F.A.Q

Why Do I Need a Wildcard?
Having the surety of a Wildcard means you can schedule your travel arrangements well in advance with the knowledge that you will in fact play in the tournament you will go to.

Is a Wildcard guaranteed to me if I submit my application?
We will evaluate everyone’s application and take into account their playing history in ITF, their UTR/national/local rank and other factors. The selected player will be notified by us and their name printed on the website too, the tournament directors will get notified of the applicant selected by us and an official letter will be emailed once confirmation is received.

The only way you will know if you will get a Wildcard is if you apply!

When will I know if I will get a Wildcard in the tournament I am interested in?
Generally within a few days of the withdrawal deadline set by each individual tournament.

Do I have to be an ITL member?
Yes, you must be an ITL member to submit your application to us.

I don’t have an ITF IPIN?
Visit the ITF website here to apply for one.

I don’t have an ITL Membership ID?
You can register here.

Will I get an official confirmation from the Tournament Director for my Wildcard?
Yes, we will ask them to get in touch with you directly, or they may ask us to inform you. An official email will be sent detailing your Wildcard offer.

How many Wildcards do the tournaments in the above list provide ITL members?
It depends on the tournament, usually one or two.

How many Wildcards can I apply for?
You can apply for as many as you like, provided they are not on the same dates. If you submit applications for the same tournament dates, the first one submitted will be given priority.

NOTE: We request all applications to make sure that they are ready to travel to the above destinations, as we want you to play them. If you cannot travel then please DO NOT submit an application.

We will not entertain phone calls on this matter, any queries can be sent to us via our Contact page.